Poll: Should We Fear Or Embrace AI?

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POLL: What do you think about artificial intelligence and automation?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are two technologies set to transform just about every industry. 

In the years and decades to come, AIs could be used to make business decisions, drive our cars and transform the manufacturing process. It’s like a work of science fiction. 

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AI ethics 

But like science fiction, many fear there is a darker side to AI and want tighter regulation and more ethical discussions about the consequences.  

Some have even said the advent of AI could herald the end of the human race.Others just fear that automation and robotics could lead to job losses on a massive scale

But what about you? 

Do you believe the technologist’s vision of AIs as human assistants rather than replacements? Or do you think continued, unrestricted development will lead to a Terminator-esque scenario? 

We want to know in our poll below:

Should we embrace AI or fear it?

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