“World’s First” Automated Password Changer Launched

Dashlane’s password manager enhanced with the world’s only automated password changing software

Identity and payments specialist, Dashlane, has announced the acquisition of PassOmatic, the French American startup that has created automatic password change technology, and the release of a beta version of Dashlane which integrates this automatic password change technology.

Internet users were left in the wild following Heartbleed, CyberVor and the never-ending stream of security breaches. Experts told them to change all their passwords, but doing so takes hours of manual logins. The process is so laborious that multiple surveys show most people did not change a single password after Heartbleed.1.2.

Password solution

With this release, Dashlane claims to provide the most convenient and secure password solution with Password Changer, which the company describes as the world’s only automated password changing software.

Users select the passwords they want to change, and Dashlane automatically changes them in a click. The strong and unique Dashlane-generated password is automatically and securely synced across all their devices. What used to take hours now takes mere seconds.

online securityEmmanuel Schalit, CEO of Dashlane, said: “Password Changer is the antidote for future Heartbleeds. The ability to automatically change passwords is revolutionary. It provides users a highly effective way to stay safe from increasingly common security breaches on the scale of Heartbleed. Password Changer introduces a new paradigm of convenience and security for the consumer.”

The beta version of Password Changer is currently compatible with more than 50 top US sites including: Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, Twitter and Yahoo!. This list is expected to grow rapidly to include hundreds of top websites from around the world. (The current list is here: https://www.dashlane.com/password-changer-list). The first version is available on PC and Mac, with mobile versions coming soon.

Additionally, Dashlane will soon introduce a recurring password change feature that automatically changes passwords at preset intervals. For example, a user could set Password Changer to automatically change some of their most important passwords every 30 days, and not have to worry about their password security anymore.

The acquisition of PassOmatic marks Dashlane’s first strategic move following its $22 million Series B fund raise in May 2014. It brings the company closer to its ultimate goal of providing a simple identity solution for consumers.

Chana Kalai, co-founder of PassOmatic, said: “We believed that allowing consumers to easily change their passwords is a problem that needed to be solved. It was also obvious to us that the solution made even more sense when combined with a password manager, and we clearly saw Dashlane as the leading and most innovative company in that field today.”

Schalit added: “The acquisition of PassOmatic is a critical strategic step in our quest to make passwords irrelevant for consumers. Our vision is to provide consumers with an identity solution that is both secure and simple ­ so they never need to know, type, remember or even change their passwords. PassOmatic’s innovative technology allows us to dramatically simplify the process of changing passwords.”

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