Better Management Can Cut Wireless Costs By 35 Percent

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Enterprise mobile and wireless costs can be reduced through tighter management, according to analyst firm Gartner

Analyst Gartner has outlined how companies can cut costs from mobile and other wireless services by over a third, through tighter management of the providers and users of the technology.

In a statement released this week, the analyst group said that as companies adopt more complex wireless devices – such as smartphones – and services, managing the costs was becoming critical. “Through 2015, closer management of wireless services can save companies 10 percent to 35 percent of their wireless costs,” said Gartner research vice president Phil Redman.

In the past, individual departments or even users had been allowed to manage their own mobile agreements which meant their was little central control over purchasing, the analyst explained. “A good method to ensure a strong policy is to incorporate a centralised team across IT that will be impacted by mobile and wireless decisions. This team can strategise for the strongest and widest policy,” Redman added.

Centrally managing wireless and mobile services doesn’t have to be overly complex according to Gartner which advises that simple and straightforward policies need to be put in place. “Wireless policies don’t have to be large documents,” Redman said. “Often the best, most-read and most-widely-adopted policies are brief and to the point.”

Among the specific advice Gartner offers is on managing termination of contracts – a process which can be costly if not dealt with properly. “Enterprises need a direct policy for service discontinuance after an employee leaves. Discontinuing the subsidy for wireless service is an important part of the exit procedure, as is the recovery of the mobile device if the company has purchased it,” the analyst advises.

Writing for eWEEK Europe UK last year, David Hamilton, chief executive independent telecoms Protel outlined ten questions companies should ask their telecoms provider in a recesssion. “Check your bills. Many service providers overcharge because they bill incorrectly. Ask your independent service provider to analyse historical bills, identify overcharging and negotiate a refund from your service provider,” he advised.

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