Quest Software Podcast: The Democratisation of Data: Episode 1: The Data Landscape Today

Quest Software Podcast: The Democratisation of Data: Episode 1: The Data Landscape Today

In this new four-part series hosted by David Howell, Editor-in-Chief of Silicon UK, Michael O’Donnell, a senior analyst in Quest’s Data Management group and Danny Sandwell, a Senior Strategist at Quest, discuss the democratisation of data.

For data to be truly useful, data must be trusted, accessible, restorable, and governable. As data continues to drive strategic business decisions, how critical data democratisation will be discussed across the four episodes of this series.

Post-pandemic businesses must do more with the assets they have. A critical asset is data. How should enterprises begin their journey to becoming data-focused companies, with data democracy as a key pillar of their processes?

A data strategy has many components, but a trinity of drivers leads to true data democracy: Management, Trust, and Restoration. Businesses must be able to easily manage the data they have to extract value. Data must be trusted as strategic business decisions can be based on a single source of truth. And within the security aspect of data democracy, data must be protected from attack.

Even with a single view of truth, why is data often still mistrusted by its users? What is driving this behaviour? How can businesses combat this and create a culture where data is trusted and used to base sound business decisions?

Join us to discover how your business can embrace data democracy and gain practical insights your enterprise can benefit from today.




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Danny Sandwell – Consultant Market Strategist at Quest Software.

Danny Sandwell - Consultant Market Strategist at Quest Software
Danny Sandwell – Consultant Market Strategist at Quest Software.

Danny is an IT industry veteran who has focused on delivering value from data for more than 30 years. As Senior Market Strategist at Quest, he is responsible for communicating the technical capabilities, synergies and business value of the company’s data empowerment solutions. During Danny’s 20+ years with the erwin brand, he also has worked in pre-sales consulting, product management, business development and business strategy roles – all giving him opportunities to engage with customers across various industries as they plan, develop, govern, protect and deliver their enterprise data architectures and assets. His goal is to help enterprises unlock the value of their data assets while mitigating data-related risks.

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Michael O’Donnell, Senior Analyst in Quest’s Data Management Group.

Michael O’Donnell, Senior Analyst in Quest’s Data Management Group.

Michael has a wide set of interests ranging from Resilience, Root Cause Analysis, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Database Platforms, and Efficiency. His engineering background brings an understanding of an operations team’s need to stabilise a system and manage the quality of the system and service for better outcomes, leading to less disruption and increased capacity. Over the past decade or so, Michael has worked in the field, understanding customer needs, the intricacies of their enterprise data architectures, and the various set of tools required to be in symphony together (hopefully, harmoniously). Follow Michael here:

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Join us for part two of this four-part series, where we will consider legacy technology and whether this is a burden and a vulnerability within the context of building a data-driven enterprise.