April 2017

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Tech Quiz: Women In Tech

Today is Girls In ICT Day, hoping to inspire the next generation of women to pursue a career in tech and build on the contributions of female pioneers


IoT Caters to Manufacturing Industry: Predictive Maintenance

In this age of rapid transformation, digitalization is overhauling the manufacturing industry. This unstoppable momentum revamps industrial services and business models, pushing up the speed of innovation. Industrial value chains, supply chains, and industrial ecosystems also witness a boost in decomposition, integration, and reconstruction. This has fostered an expansion in revolutionary and profitable new services such as full lifecycle product maintenance, product operation, digital marketing, and online support services. The days of traditional manufacturing’s predominance are fading, and it is wise to plan now to reap the rewards of the inevitable transformation in both intelligence and service fields.


Tech Quiz: Cloud In 2017

Do you know the cloud? If yes, then put your knowledge to the test with the Silicon cloud in 2017 quiz!

Cloud In 2017

The world of the cloud is growing larger with each passing year. But how much to you know about the cloud in 2017?

Women In Tech

Men may take the glory, but women have been in IT from the very start. How well do you know female tech?