February 2017

Urban Rail Solution Speeds Up Industry Changes

Using a combination of Long-Term Evolution technologies and Network Element series industrial routers, Huawei has designed a next-generation urban rail Distributed Control System solution that incorporates current trends and future requirements.

IT Life: Paul Calatayud, Firemon CTO

Firemon CTO Paul Calatayud explains why he calls it the Internet of Malicious Things and why virtualisation is the greatest tech ever created

IT Life: Ron Tolido, Capgemini CTO

Global Chief Technology Officer for Capgemini’s Insights & Data organisation, Ron Tolido, discusses hit IT career, excitement for AI, and a love of Apple products

Master the Mobile Device Circus with Enterprise Mobility Management

The days of tightly controlled smartphones barring anything but only the most essential of business applications are gone. Employees expect to be able to do what they want with their devices and might not use the technology they have been given if they find restrictions. IT departments are often the ones tasked with bringing use under control, often with limited resources and the risk of upsetting colleagues. Find out how you can implement an effective Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy with the right tools and processes.

WTF Is Safer Internet Day?

The Internet is an endless resource for education, entertainment and discovery. But there are dangers too