January 2017

Wi-Fi (c) marinini, Shuttersctock 2013

Tales In Tech History: Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has its origins in the telecom market, and arguably its popularity neutred the absolute power of telecom giants

Trump & Technology

The new president of the United States is Donald J Trump. He has been described as a luddite with misguided or inadequate knowledge of technology, but used social media as effectively as anyone in his journey to the White House? But what do you know about his relationship with tech?


IT life: Nick Lazaridis, HP Inc.

Nick Lazaridis, HP Inc’s President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa talks about his career in IT and the biggest challenges he’s facing at the moment

Visa connected car MWC 2016

On The Trail Of Autonomous Cars At CES 2017

ANALYSIS: Promising autonomous vehicle technology was everywhere you looked at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, but sorting out which promises might actually be fulfilled took some exploring.