November 2016

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Tales In Tech History: GPS

A product resulting from the Cold War, the GPS system has transformed people’s lives and indeed journeys

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of the machines has long fulled fiction but it’s mow on its way with the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But how much do you know about AI from the world of tech and pop culture?


The Economics Of OpenStack

Canonical’s Mark Baker explains how the economics of Openstack can work in favour for your business when compared to public cloud

10 Of The Best Raspberry Pi Projects

The pocket-sized, British-made Raspberry Pi is making waves beyond its initial educational remit. Here are 10 awesome projects to inspire you

Mind The Gap! Vulnerability Management Can Help Close The Door To Hackers

ADVERTORIAL: A cyber-attack will paralyse a company’s operations, with infringement of customer data, exposure of business figures or the leaking of sensitive research and development plans. Hacking transcends issues of trust, privacy and responsibility and failure in all these areas will all hit the bottom line hard

Nutanix CEO Takes Shot At AWS & VMware Union

INTERVIEW: “We’re not a hyperconvergence company…we’re enterprise cloud” says Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey, adding AWS-VMware tie up “leaves a lot to be desired”

China Tech – Surveillance And Superstars

China is a world leader politically, but what of its technology industry? There is much to admire, yet much to worry about, with extraordinary companies and scary cyber crooks. How much do you know about them all?