February 2016


IBM ‘To Cut’ UK Research Jobs

IBM has confirmed it has begun a staff consultation process ahead of employment changes in its British research and development operations

data encryption

How Many Mobile Users Have Encryption?

NEWS ANALYSIS: As the rhetoric and the legal motions in the Apple vs. FBI flap heat up, new numbers emerge on the actual status and use of encryption protection

Avast at MWC 2016

Interview with Gagan Singh, President Mobile of Avast. Mobile World Congress 2016

HPE at MWC 2016

Interview with Jeff Edlund, Chief Technologist Communications & Media Solutions, HPE. Mobile World Congress

Avast at MWC 2016

Interview with Gagan Singh President of Mobile Avast. Mobile World Congress 2016.


IT Life: Going Hybrid

Sameh Yamany from Viavi Solutions talks hybrid IT, data loads and his favourite Apple devices

Cloud in 2016

Are you clued up with cloud? Show us your knowledge of cloud news from the last few months

pizza food takeaway © Jag_cz Shutterstock

IT Life: Table For Twizoo

Twizoo co-founder Madeline Parra talks about her career in technology and why she swapped storm chasing for restaurants

20 Cybersecurity Terms Everyone Should Know

Get your head around these IT security terms and you’re well on your way to protecting your company, says Laurance Dine, managing principal at Verizon Enterprise Solutions


Bitcoin Is Getting Steam-y

Valve preparing to open up cryptocurrency to pay for games and downloads, according to leaked information

How To Survive The End Of The World Wide Web

Companies must place user experience at the heart of digital innovation as the traditional web model dies, says Richard Knights, UK head of creative technology, Wipro Digital