August 2014

Tech Leaders’ Jobs

Everyone has to start somewhere. Do you know the jobs taken by famous tech personalities?

Infrastructure Matters IBM lead

Infrastructure Matters: IBM Event

Advertorial: Most organisations are not prepared for the future. Experts from IBM’s storage, cloud and Watson divisions offer help in London on 10 September

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Sony Gaming Network Hit By DDoS Attack

Sony’s PlayStation Network was one of several online gaming networks taken offline over the weekend by denial-of-service attacks – accompanied by a bomb scare

amazon web services

Azure Users Hit By Outage

Users of Microsoft’s Azure experienced service interruptions lasting several hours in Europe and other regions on Monday and Tuesday

Famous Hackers

A group of talented hackers can bring a major corporation or a whole government to their knees. But what do you know about the people who treat the Internet as their personal playground? Take our quiz!

Welcome To The Era Of Co-Opetition

The deal beetween Apple and IBM signals a change in how large technology businesses approach competition, says Anne Cave-Penney from Capgemini

Data Has No Nationality

Governments and individuals may want it otherwise, but Peter Judge thinks data will always find its way across borders