January 2014


The Chinese giant Lenovo has plans to take the world markets. How well do you know it?

Sean Michael Kerner

Don’t Blame Users For Poor Passwords

‘123456’ may be a crap password, but Sean Michael Kerner says the blame lies with the security systems that allow it, and rely on passwords in the first place


Emulex Adapters Target SDN, Hybrid Cloud

Emulex’s OneConnect OCe14000 adapters are intended to improve server virtualisation density and make it easier to connect hybrid clouds to the network fabric

Fibre For Broadband

Optical fibres are based on simple physics – but they have changed our world, providing superfast broadband and new online services. How much do you know about it?

Sean Michael Kerner

How The Crooks Hit Target

What can we learn from the Target hack? Sean Michael Kerner says we can’t blame any single technology

Edward Snowden And The NSA

Security analyst Edward Snowden exposed the scale of surveillance by the NSA. How much do you know about him?

Stefan-bernbo Compuverde lead

The Rise Of Scale Out Storage

Virtualisation helped solve It problems, but created more issues, that only scale out architectures can solve, says Stefan Bernbo

Google Acquires App Developer Bitspin

Google has acquired Bitspin, the Swiss developer of the customiseable alarm clock Timely, in the latest of a string of intriguing mobile purchases

Display Technologies

Do you know an LCD from an OLED? Find out in our quiz on monitors and smartphone screens.