July 2013

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Samsung Keeps Smartphone Lead

Apple retained a distant second place after Samsung in a growing but highly fragmented worldwide smartphone market

Internet Censorship

The Internet was supposed to be the home of free speech, but the level of censorship across the globe is high and growing. How much do you know about this worrying trend?

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Small Businesses Buy Into Mobile, Cloud

US small and medium-sized businesses are increasing their adoption of mobile and cloud technologies, and are more optimistic about business growth than a year ago, according to j2 Global

MPs Bash BT In BDUK Bust-Up

BT stunned by MP claims it is blackmailing the general public and bullying local authorities involved in broadband project

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How Cyber Extortion Really Goes Down

TechWeek exclusively exposes a real case of attempted cyber extortion, as a betting company is targeted by a DDoSer claiming to work for a rival firm

Oracle Adds 2TB Option For Exalytics

Users of Oracle’s Exalytics In-Memory Machine X3-4 now have the option of accessing 2TB of RAM, which could help with certain big data applications

Snowden: NSA, Israel Co-wrote Stuxnet

The US’ National Security Agency worked with Israel on the Stuxnet attack on Iranian uranium processing centrifuges, according to ex-intelligence contractor Edward Snowden

IT Life: Stuart Dommett of Intel

Intel’s Stuart Dommett has been doing IT since Charles and Diana were married. Ten years ago he was excited to find that laptops suddenly had Wi-fi built in.

Bring your Own Device – Does It Really Save?

Bring your own device is supposed to save money – instead of buying phones and laptops, firms can pay towards their staff’s personal systems which are used for work. In fact it is more likely to be cost neutral – and can be more expensive. So why do it?

Intel – Touch In The Enterprise

Are touchscreen interfaces just a gimmick or are they a big step forward? Intel’s Stuart Dommett explains why we will all be pinching and swiping… but we may find this is only the first step to more radical changes.

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Dell To Try On Wearable Computing

Wearable computing is among the growth areas Dell is looking into as the PC market continues to cede ground to portable devices, according to an executive

Google Earth Updates 3D Images

Google has added to its 3D photo imagery of locations around the world, while also adding Street View images to its mobile app

Cloudsweeper Aims To Secure Email Accounts

The Cloudsweeper project offers to encrypt passwords and other sensitive information in a user’s inbox, while also estimating how much the account might be worth to criminals

hp daniel pradelles

We’ll Fight Any PRISM Requests – HP

HP won’t back down from a fight with US law enforcement and it supports controversial EU data privacy proposals, says European privacy lead Daniel Pradelles

Whistleblowers and Leakers

Leaking data you believe to be in the public interest can make your life difficult. We look at the people who have used technology to expose controversial data – or have leaked technological secrets

Intel Planning TV Service This Year

Intel has faced difficulties lining up programming for its television service, but now says it should be able to launch by the end of 2013