March 2013


Google Makes Open Source Patent Pledge

Google has promised not to sue open source developers and distributors over a list of 10 patents related to MapReduce, implemented in Apache Hadoop amongst others

US State To Ban Google Glass From Roads

West Virginia has introduced a bill that would prohibit drivers from wearing head-mounted displays such as Google Glass, fearing they could cause road accidents

Supercomputer Demand Drives HPC Server Growth

Record revenues in the high-performance computing market last year were fuelled by the purchase of supercomputers by businesses and countries looking for an economic advantage, according to IDC

Apple iCloud Takes Lead In Cloud Storage Wars

Cloud storage use is dominated by younger males, who largely use it to store music, while older consumers as yet continue to resist the technology’s benefits, a US survey has found


HP Demonstrates Glasses-Free 3D Display

HP has published details on technology that could use ‘directional pixels’ to make 3D displays possible in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Microsoft Previews CRM Changes

Microsoft is preparing users of its Dynamics customer relationship management for major changes, stemming in part from its acquisitions of NetBreeze and MarketingPilot

Ramnit Botnet Boosts Management Features

The Ramnit botnet has been retrofitted to focus on better management of infected computers and more effective theft of financial credentials, according to Microsoft

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BlackBerry Chief: iPhone Is Old News

BlackBerry chief executive Thorsten Heins has criticised Apple’s iPhone user interface as dated, as the iPhone faces increasingly strong competition

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Study: Attackers Focusing On Browser Flaws

Cyber-attackers are shifting away from Microsoft products and increasingly focusing on finding flaws in other vendors’ applications, including Chrome, Firefox and iTunes, according to Secunia

London’s Tech City – Start Up Heaven?

Britain wants tech startups to boost the economy. And Prime Minister David Cameron nominated East London as a zone for the cool companies to play in. How much do you know about Tech City?

Report: Facebook Defeats Users’ Privacy Efforts

A Carnegie Mellon report has found that while users are making increasing efforts to keep their information private, Facebook’s privacy changes have resulted in their sharing more information over time

Test your CeBIT knowledge!

CeBIT, held annually in Hanover, Germany is the world’s largest computer-related event. Every year IT professionals from all over the world flock to Hanover for a week of tech talk, beer and sausages. If you are there this year, our quiz could give you something to talk about. If you aren’t there – see what

CeBIT 2013 Opens

As CeBIT 2013 opens, have a look at the highlights of the fair

Ethernet cloud rental network © Brian A Jackson Shutterstock

Embrane Set For SDN Push

Startup Embrane has said it plans to push for more visibility in the growing SDN market this year