December 2012

Kindle Tops Amazon’s Sales Rankings

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle held the e-commerce giant’s top four sales spots worldwide over the Christmas shopping season

US Banks Hit By Denial-Of-Service Attacks

Wells Fargo, Citibank and Bank of America have been hit by attacks that make it difficult for customers to access their accounts online, according to a US federal security alert

Microsoft Confirms Zero-Day IE Attacks

Microsoft has confirmed that attackers are actively exploiting an unpatched flaw in some versions of Internet Explorer to install malicious code on Windows systems, and has said it is working on a fix

4G, Mobile, Smartphone © Digital Storm Shutterstock 2012

US Doctors Beat Europeans In Smartphone Usage

A study has found that US doctors have a higher rate of smartphone usage than their European counterparts, while Europeans are more likely to use the devices for patient communication

Samsung Promises Handset Security Patch

Samsung has promised it will deliver a fix for a serious security flaw in many of its handsets as soon as possible, while a developer argues the bug appears to be the result of a ‘deliberate design decision’

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Apotheker Reacts To HP Autonomy Blame

Ex-HP chief executive Leo Apotheker has said HP’s directors must share the responsibility for problems surrounding the company’s $11 billion acquisition of Autonomy

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Game Makers Dominate Mobile App Market

Only a few mobile application developers are able to achieve visibility, according to a new study, with more than half of the market’s revenues generated by a handful of game makers

Public Sector IT – The Triumph And The Tragedy

Some of the greatest success in IT have come from government-backed projects. But sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan. This quiz celebrates the good times and marks the occasions when things didn’t go so well…

iPhone 5 Launches In 50 More Countries

Apple’s iPhone will become available in rival Samsung’s home country, South Korea, on 7 December, followed by Brazil, China, Russia, Taiwan and dozens of other territories on 14 December

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Alcatel-Lucent Makes SDN Move

Alcatel-Lucent is joining Cisco, HP and others in pushing software-defined networking, but will use its own Application Fluent Network technology rather than OpenFlow

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Dell And Cisco See Server Growth

Dell saw its server revenues and shipments grow in the third quarter, while Cisco’s UCS helped the company’s shipments grow 40 percent, according to analysts