May 2012

Flame Is More Than Just FUD

Ignore the sceptics. The Flame worm is significant for what is says as much as what it does, argues Tom Brewster

Peter Judge

Can Data Centres Really Go Off Grid?

Data centre makers want to operate independently of the power grid. That would mean cloud services that close down at night, says Peter Judge

Google+ Gets Local Love

Google looks to get some more users for its social network by offering more informative local information

EMC’s Great Balancing Act

Can EMC make risky flash plays and avoid a public cloud backlash without shooting themselves in the foot? Tom Brewster asks the company’s top brass

OpenLogic: Open Source Scanning On The Rise

OpenLogic has reported a 730 percent increase in the number of open-source scans in the past year, another indication of the growing use of open source in the enterprise

Cisco Axes Cius Tablet

Cisco will no longer invest in its two-year-old Cius tablet, shifting its focus to software-based collaboration efforts

How well do you know Anonymous?

Anonymous… A shadowy group with no faces, no names, no leader or base of operations. Some call them freedom fighters, others – terrorists. The ‘hacktivist’ collective has been in the news regularly over the past few years, thanks to their recurring attacks on the big Internet players, corporations and governments. You’ve heard of them, but

Jobs Helped Design iPhone 5

Steve Jobs played a major part in designing the iPhone 5, with its larger display, according to a Bloomberg report

HP Plans 30,000 Jobs Cull

HP is planning a huge workforce downsizing programme, with as many as 30,000 positions thought to be at risk

Do you know all about Green IT?

Technology needs energy and raw materials to be produced, but it becomes waste as soon as it reaches the end of its life. Re-using more and throwing out less is better for the planet – and can also benefit your organisation’s bottom line. How much do you know about making your IT more efficient and

Twitter Hits 10m Users In UK

After a turbulent year for Twitter in the UK, the company has posted strong growth and is planning further engagement with the government and law enforcement

Yahoo Fires CEO Over CV Claims

Yahoo chief executive Scott Thompson leaves the company after slightly more than four months, after firing 2,000 employees and instituting other cost-cutting measures

Privacy: Who’s Watching You On The Web?

The Internet is a wonderful place where you can share and discover whatever you want. But it’s also a treasure trove of information for advertisers, authorities and cybercriminals. But what do you know about privacy? (Last updated: August 2017)

The value of Big Data

The video features insight into the Big Data issue based on recent reports conducted by independent think tank DEMOS, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), and data analysts SAS, and explains what this information is, how it can be gathered, and how it could be utilised to boost the UK economy. Produced by IMN Content.

Wi-Fi alliance

IEEE Approves Major Wi-Fi Revision

The 802.11-2012 standard consolidates recent updates to the base specification, as well as bringing in new improvements to quality of service, security and hand-off to and from cellular networks

What do you know about Tech stocks and shares?

High-tech companies tend to start their life cycle in dusty garages in California… and eventually arrive on Wall Street to trade their stock. The majority of key players have taken this step and made (or lost) a ton (sometimes, literally) of money thanks to their capital market listings. At a time when Facebook is taking