March 2010

Jury Confirms Novell Ownership Of Unix

SCO Group’s controversial attempt to claim ownership of the Unix operating system could be at an end, after a jury confirmed that Novell legally retains ownership rights to Unix

Dell Expands Printer Portfolio

Dell has released eight new printer models, as the PC maker looks to take the fight to the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Xerox and Samsung

LinkedIn App Arrives On BlackBerry

The professional social network LinkedIn is now available for BlackBerry smart-phone users after the launch of the LinkedIn for BlackBerry version 1.0 app

Transfer Your IT Problems To The Cloud

Virtual infrastructure is set to move workloads to the most cost-effective platform but, while applications exceed the ability of cloud providers, the situation is not static, says Cameron Sturdevant

TJX Hacker Sentenced To 20 Years

The hacker mastermind behind the data breaches of TJX, Barnes & Noble, OfficeMax and other retailers has been sentenced to 20 years in prison

Apple iPads Will Be Used At Work

Users will take their iPads to work, despite the doubts of IT managers who still don’t trust Apple’s iPhone, a survey has found

Twitter Wages War On Spam

Twitter engineers have brought down the level of spam on the site to just one percent, while the GSMA is testing its own reporting service against mobile spam

Qualcomm Readies LTE On Gobi Modems

Mobile computing devices, such as laptops, will soon be able to access LTE networks after Qualcomm said it will add the 4G technology to a number of its Gobi modems

Could Britain Lead The Digital Revolution?

Gordon Brown today laid out the government’s strategy to transform Britain into a leading digital power, but contradictory measures in the Digital Economy Bill could foil his plans

Siemens Announces 4,200 Job Cuts

Siemens is downsizing 4,200 jobs over the next two years, while reportedly preparing to spin off its IT division in the autumn of 2010

NoSQL Database Movement Gains Ground

Recent announcements from Twitter and Digg underscore the growing awareness of NoSQL as an alternative to relational database management systems

Digital Economy Bill Approved By Lords

The House of Lords has approved the Digital Economy Bill, leaving the fate of file-sharers in the hands of the Commons, while a study claims piracy is costing a million jobs in Europe

Facebook: Does Social Beat Search?

If Facebook traffic really is going to be bigger than Google traffic, then a lot of people will have to change the way they operate on the web, says Peter Judge

Dell Sues Asian Display Makers

Dell named Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, Seiko Epson and HannStar Display in a lawsuit filed in San Francisco on 12 March, alleging that the manufacturers were fixing display prices at Dell’s expense

Researchers Warn Of Microsoft Virtual PC Flaw

Researchers at Core Security Technologies are warning of a vulnerability affecting versions of Microsoft’s Virtual PC software that can be used to bypass several Windows security mechanisms

Twitter @anywhere Follows Facebook Connect

Twitter today unveiled @anywhere, a service resembling Facebook Connect that will extend much of the functionality of its successful microblogging platform to third-party sites

Google May Close Chinese Search Site

Google could shutter its search engine within weeks after talks with the Chinese government over censorship have stalled, according to a March 13 report in the Financial Times

Nexus One Rumours Suggest UK Delay

Google’s Nexus One could be delayed in the UK, while its sister phone – the HTC Desire – might be saddled with the unpopular Vodafone 360 interface

Google Launches Extensions For Wave

Google has launched its extensions for Google Wave, a move to boost the open-source, real-time collaboration platform’s functionality with the help of outside application developers

Twitter Reveals Geolocation-Based Opt-in Credentials

Twitter has switched on its long awaited location-sharing feature and made the service opt-in, tagging users’ tweets based on where they are tweeting from and pointing the way forward for privacy strategies

Bookseller Jumps On iPad E-Reader Wagon

Barnes & Noble plans to release an e-reader application for Apple’s upcoming iPad tablet PC, suggesting a strategy of porting its own e-reader brand onto as many screens as possible

FTC Seeks Rival Input Over Google AdMob Bid

The FTC is looking for official declarations from Google rivals about Google’s proposed purchase of mobile ad provider AdMob, which could signal the regulator may challenge the deal

RSA: Feeding Security Into The Cloud

The RSA conference seeks to use lessons from single-tenant data centres to build security into cloud computing infrastructures. But what will happen as the cloud ages, asks Cameron Sturdevant

Fasthosts Debuts Virtual Server Range

Fasthosts targets UK firms’ growing appetites for virtual server solutions, featuring Hyper-V technology and customisable RAM, CPU and disk space

Analyst Knocks iPad Naysayers

General expectations of the Apple iPad’s level of success are overly pessimistic, says a Broadpoint AmTech report, which predicts 2010 sales of up to 4 million units

Cisco Launches Giant Router

With 322 Terabit/s throughput, Cisco’s CSR-3 can download every movie ever made in four minutes. Just what the big operators need as we all turn to video

Intel Investigating Fake Chip Claims

Intel is looking into reports of about 300 fake Core i7-920 processors being received by Newegg in a batch of 2,000 chips the online retailer had received

Apple Bans Wi-Fi Stumbling Apps

Apple’s iron fist remains gripped around its App Store, where developers are discovering Apple is removing their WiFi stumbling applications

Apple Confirms iPad Arrival In April

Apple has confirmed that the iPad is to go on sale in the US on 3 April, although British users will have to wait until later in the month to get the device

Microsoft Patch Tuesday To Offer Office Fixes

Microsoft is planning two security updates for Patch Tuesday to address eight vulnerabilities, and reminded users it is terminating support for some versions of Windows in the coming months

Ballmer Commits Microsoft To The Cloud

Microsoft is betting its business on the cloud after CEO Steve Ballmer announced ‘We’re All In’, and suggested the company’s strategy moving forward will be cloud-based

IBM Boffins Claim Major Chip Advance

Researchers at IBM are claiming a breakthrough in chip design, after enabling chips to communicate via pulses of light rather than copper wire

Microsoft Shouldn’t Buy Twitter

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has raised the possibility of acquiring Twitter more than once, but would the benefits outweigh the difficulties? Nicholas Kolakowski says no.

Daily Show Dropped From Hulu TV Service

Comedy Central programmes “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” will be dropped from Hulu starting on 9 March, after a rights dispute

RSA: US Cybersecurity Plan Declassified

At the RSA Conference, White House Cyber-Security Coordinator Howard Schmidt announced that an unclassified version of the Obama administration’s “Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative” is now available online

Microsoft Was Behind Google Complaints To EC

Microsoft told the US Department of Justice and the European Commission how Google’s business practices may be harming publishers, advertisers and competition in search and online advertising