May 2009

First Ever Intel Core i7 Laptop Launched

The Intel Core i7 processor will power a new laptop being offered by AVADirect. Expected benefits include triple-channel memory and DDR3 memory running up to 1333MHz.

Bing! – A New Microsoft Search Engine

Despite Google’s lead in search-engine market share, Microsoft hopes that a new and improved search experience will translate into a greater piece of the online search pie

Google Puts Wind Behind Wave

Created by the team that brought Google Maps to the world, the search engine giant hopes Wave will cause more than a few ripples on the Internet

Dell Revenue Down 23 Percent

Dell reports that its fiscal 2010 first-quarter revenue declined 8 percent sequentially from the fourth quarter and dropped 23 percent from the previous year

How to solve the eWaste issue

It’s no good wringing our hands over eWaste. The answer is simple if we have the political will to outlaw all dumping of electronic waste, says Tony Roberts of Computer Aid International

Server Shipments Down 25 Percent Year on Year

The global server market saw revenue and shipment declines across all major segments during the first quarter as enterprises delayed system purchases in light of the crushing worldwide recession, according to IDC

NHS Takes Action Over Data Security

The information commissioner has criticised the NHS over its data protection efforts while some patients could choose to delete electronic information

Google Chrome 2.0: So What?

With small tweaks,and features that other browsers already have, this is more like Chrome version 1.2, than version 2.0

Facebook Finds A Friend In Russian VC

Digital Sky Technologies is investing in privately held Facebook in exchange for preferred stock, which becomes a 1.96 percent equity stake for a $10 billion valuation

IBM Solidly Behind SSD Servers

IBM is placing increased emphasis on the emerging solid-state server, storage, and software sector of the data centre

Lenovo Launches Recession-busting PCs

Featuring low-voltage processors, the IdeaPad S12 netbook, the IdeaPad U350 and G550 laptops and the C300 all-in-one desktop emphasise design, easy using and easy buying

Broadcom Offering Low Power Switches

Broadcom is rolling out a host of products to support a unified networking vision both at the core of the enterprise data center and on the edge of business WLANs

Google Improves Security With Chrome

Google Chrome 2.0 browser includes some new security features with which to arm itself as it competes in a browser market still dominated by Microsoft Internet Explorer

Storage Economics: When Data Meets Dough

If you think storage is cheap, you aren’t doing your sums right. The big picture, with power, carbon, and legal costs, adds up to a new discipline, says Hitachi Data Systems’ David Merrill – a storage economist

Google Polishes Chrome Browser

Google has high hopes that Chrome’s unique features will make it a suitable competitor to Microsoft Internet Explorer and other browsers on the market

Young People See Good Prospects In IT

IT is beginning to be accepted as a “career of choice” with good prospects by young people but the older generation is proving harder to convince

Fault Tolerance (Re)Discovered

Fault tolerant virtualisation technologies can be hardware or software based but they don’t necessarily offer the same level of protection for business-critical processes.

Analyst: Palm Pre Could Be iPhone Competitor

With the rollout date for the Palm Pre officially set for 6 June, along with its $199 (£127) price point, all that’s left to wonder now is if the Pre smartphone will actually be a true competitor to the Apple iPhone

Intel And AMD Increase Core Count

Intel next week is expected to give details of its upcoming eight-core Nehalem EX processors, which will be aimed at high-end systems with four or more sockets

Sustainable IT Holds Opportunities For The UK

Computing can affect the future of this planet, says the Cambridge professor of computing, Andy Hopper. And there are opportunities for the UK here – if we can handle our fear of change 

HP’s Results Lifted By EDS

HP officials say the company will continue to trim expenses and plans to cut another 2 percent of its work force over the next 12 months

SanDisk Claims Healthier Times Ahead

SanDisk CEO Eli Harari explains that 2009 could well be significantly better for the NAND flash storage maker than anticipated only five months ago

Dell Launches Low Power Via Server

With Via processors, Dell official say that the XS11-VX8 server will consume only 15 watts for power when the operating system is running idle

Google Launches Gmail Translation Tool

Google has introduced several new features in 2009 to Google Apps and Gmail designed to make those services more robust for the enterprise, in addition to increasing their consumer user base

Can Wi-Fi Rescue The 3G Operators?

Mobile broadband is growing too fast for the operators’ networks to keep up, says Selina Lo of Ruckus. She says they should turn to Wi-Fi for assistance

Cisco Develops Smart Grid For Green Power

Cisco Systems is unveiling its Smart Grid initiative, a move to offering an end-to-end communications platform based on IP protocols to a power industry under pressure to create more electricity and to do so more efficiently

Palm Pre On Track For June Launch

Palm has a good deal riding on the success of the Pre as it competes against the Apple iPhone and other smartphones in the rapidly growing mobile and wireless market

Tech-Savvy Staff Challenging IT Departments

Today’s workers are more mobile and they are demanding greater choice in their technology, putting more strain on IT departments that are trying to keep up with those demands

Why The Mainframe Will Never Die

Users need support in ever more demanding workloads, greening strategies and cloud computing models, which guarantees the mainframe’s continuing relevance, says Anne Altman

Toshiba Launches 512GB SSD Laptop

The Portege R600-ST4203, which becomes available for general release in early June, features a second-generation 512GB eSATA SSD from Toshiba’s own fabrication plant

IT Is Key To Climate Change Control

BT and Marks & Spencer and other users are looking to IT for solutions, according to a conference on the commercial risks of climate change

US Could Follow EU’s Lead on Intel

The European Commission’s £950m fine of Intel for antitrust practices has sparked debate in the United States over how to handle companies that dominate their markets

Will The FTC Follow the EC’s Intel Fine?

All eyes are on the US Federal Trade Commission, after the EC’s record fine of Intel, says Peter Judge. Meanwhile, PCs could change – and our tax bill might go down a tad

Dell Tightens E-waste Policies

But green IT experts claim computer makers are still ducking their responsibilities in Africa and other developing countries

Google: Search Produces 0.2 Grams Of C02

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has placed his company at the forefront of the energy debate, arguing that green IT can contribute to lowering overall carbon footprints

Intel May Face Billions In EU Fines

Intel has been charged with purposefully shutting AMD out of the market. If the EU fine of Intel is big enough, it could “send a message” to the business community

SEC Reveals Details Of Bidding War For Sun

An SEC affidavit filed by Sun Microsystems reveals the back story of how IBM, Hewlett-Packard and ultimate victor Oracle submitted competing bids as Sun dealt with the inevitability of a takeover

Dell Gets Colourful With Inspiron Mini

New from Dell is an update to its Inspiron Mini 10 netbook, along with colours and more colours for the Mini 10v, Inspiron 15 laptop and Inspiron slim and mini-tower desktops

Twitter Sparks Zune Phone Rumours

Microsoft has denied having a Zune-specific phone in the works, but attention-grabbing Tweets from a Microsoft account are saying otherwise

Sun Admits To Bribery Infringement

Oracle, which intends to acquire Sun and doesn’t appear to be worried, said it knew about the report before it tendered its $7.4 billion offer

Fujitsu Unlocks The Cosmic Cube

What does the name of Fujitsu’s new blade-based data centre system, the Dynamic Cube, actually mean? Forget the speeds and feeds – Peter Judge wants occult significance 

CA Pushes Mainframe Future

Mainframe vendors such as IBM and CA are aggressively pushing forward the mainframe as an alternative to more distributed environments

Compellent adds SSD, reveals technology roadmap

SAN-in-a-box specialist Compellent has revealed its technology roadmap for the next two years. It includes SSD, which the company said will deliver big cost, energy and efficiency savings.

Gmail Suffers Two New Outages

Google’s Gmail service reportedly failed at 11am this morning – but our evidence is there was an earlier failure with some emails not restored

Oracle Is Nuts To Stick With Sun Hardware

Larry Ellison has committed Oracle to investing more in Sun’s SPARC, apparently because he think servers are like iPhones. That’s just silly, says Peter Judge

Green IT Is Mainstream: Now Comes The Hard Part

The move to greener IT is unstoppable – even in a recession. But IT departments have a tough job getting their message with the other 90 percent of the company, says Forrester’s Chris Mines.

London Olympics Says No To Open Source

Despite a mission to make the games as financially and environmentally sustainable as possible, the organisers of London 2012 have ruled out any significant use of open source software

T-Mobile UK To Merge?

Deutsche Telekom has reportedly put its UK mobile network, T-Mobile up for sale. That’s to be expected, with its numbers declining, but who would buy it, asks Peter Judge

Desktop Power Cuts Beat Server Savings

Desktop management are a quicker green hit than server consolidation, says Andy Lawrence. Oh yes, and IT managers should rule the world too (or at least manage their buildings)

Did The Recession Kill Green IT?

The bandwagon was just getting rolling when the economic recession kicked in. Is that the end for Green IT? Not at all, says The 451 Group’s Andy Lawrence.

Smart Grid Meters Use IM

Intelligent meters are using the XMPP “presence” standard to keep a better grip on power usage

IBM Combines Cloud And SOA

WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance gives businesses a place to store SOA images and patterns that can then be brought into cloud environments

Conficker’s Celebrity Hid The Real Threat

Just as human celebrities distract us from the real stories, the Conficker panic took our eyes from the numerous hard-working botnets that are doing much more damage, says Matt Hines