UK Big Data Firm Snapped Up By Syncsort

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William Data Systems is behind network monitoring and security software products for IBM’ z System’s z/OS mainframes

William Data Systems, maker of software for IBM z System’s z/OS mainframes, has been acquired by US firm Syncsort.

Increasingly expanding in the Big Data space, Syncsort said that the acquisition will bring the company both new blood and ‘highly differentiated’ intellectual property for its Big Data stratagem. Financial details of the acquisition were undisclosed.

Big Iron to Big Data

Syncsort has recently invested heavily in software for big data platforms, looking to make its name known for bridging the gap between big iron (mainframes) and Big Data.

“Acquisitions are a very important tool in our innovation toolkit, as a complement to the fantastic products we’re building organically in our software labs,” said Lonne Jaffe, CEO, Syncsort.

In the States, William’s customers include multiple divisions of the US Government, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Defense.

According to its own website, William Data Systems was established in 1993, and is an “independent global company that provides innovative solutions to run mainframe networks efficiently and securely”.

Last June, Syncsort teamed up with Splunk to bulk up on Big Data expertise, enabling both firmsbig data to utilise software that makes the analysis and extraction of streams of big data easier and faster.

Today’s acquisition also complements Syncsort’s newly released Apache Hadoop-based product DMX-h 8, which provides out-of-the-box data integration to connect the mainframe with Apache Spark, Tableau, Amazon Redshift, Qlikview, among other platforms.

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