Microsoft Buys Predictive Analytics Expert

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Revolution Analytics acquired by Redmond in push for analytic market space

Microsoft will acquire a predictive analytics firm that specialises in providing software and services for R, a widely used programming language for predictive computing.

Microsoft said it is making the acquisition of Revolution Analytics to help more companies use the power of R and data science to unlock big data insights with advanced analytics.

R-based analytic solutions

, said: “Revolution Analytics provides an enterprise-class platform for the development and deployment of R-based analytic solutions that can scale across large data warehouses and Hadoop systems, and can integrate with enterprise systems.

“Its Revolution R product line, combined with its expert advisory services and training, help people and companies realise the potential of big data using sound statistical, scientific methodologies.”

The acquisition will help customers use advanced analytics within Microsoft data platforms on-premises, in hybrid cloud environments and on Microsoft Azure. By leveraging Revolution Analytics technology and services, we will empower enterprises, R developers and datamicrosoft scientists to more easily and cost effectively build applications and analytics solutions at scale.

“As a data scientist and longtime R enthusiast, I am incredibly excited about Revolution Analytics technology and employees joining Microsoft,” said Sirosh.

“I firmly believe that we are at the threshold of a revolution in information technology driven by the use of statistics and scientific analyses on big data. We will provide an update when the acquisition transaction is closed.”


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