EMC World: Everything You Need To Know About EMC LEAP

EMC believes EMC LEAP will revolutionise how you engage with content

EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD), which deals with enterprise content management (ECM), has introduced a suite of purpose-built, cloud-native content apps designed to revolutionise the content management industry and transform interactions with business content.

At EMC World in Las Vegas today, EMC said that, unlike other offerings in the market, EMC LEAP apps deliver enterprise-grade content management capabilities combined with the most intuitive user experience for diverse business use cases.

LEAP at a glance

LEAP Courier: Courier offers a new way to power business processes that depend on structured document exchange across organisational boundaries. It provides a consumer-grade user experience for secure and structured document exchange, validation and tracking. It is easily adaptable to different use cases, configurable in minutes without any additional development.

LEAP Snap: This is said to deliver the power of enterprise-grade document capture to all business users by offering a delightful and easy-to-use experience. Its Advanced Recognition automatically captures, categorises and organises documents and related document information in real-time, turning unstructured content into actionable digital business information.

EMC-LogoLEAP Concert: Concert enables the creation of a wide variety of documents in a collaborative but controlled environment. EMC says organisations can use it to easily set up or import a working document to begin dividing up tasks on the project. LEAP Concert includes the ability to identify and assign work to be done on the document, and simple review workflows allow sections to be approved and completed, advancing the overall progress of the document. Project owners can protect existing content, only allowing users to modify the individual sections that have been assigned to them.

LEAP Express: Want anywhere, anytime access to your content? Maybe LEAP Express can help. This is a lightweight app designed to easily browse, access, search and approve all content, no matter where it lives. Express supports multiple form factors including web, tablet and mobile, leveraging the latest design paradigms and security features such as touch ID. Repository independence enables a unified view of all documents and tasks, eliminating the need to jump across different, custom apps to effectively work with content.

LEAP Focus: EMC promises Focus will dramatically improve the document consumption experience on mobile devices. It apparently allows for fast, yet detailed reading and reviewing of business documents like sales contracts and agreements on the go. It eliminates the frustrating ‘pinch-to-zoom’ experience by automatically reformatting the document based on selected font size for the device, and reduces the requirement to view documents on non-mobile devices.

LEAP Together: This is a comprehensive program designed to provide customers and partners with additional benefits and ensure faster time to value with their LEAP apps.

As part of its vision to provide customers with premier content apps, EMC has teamed up with DocuSign, a specialist in eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM), essential technology for enabling digital enterprise workflows.

Mark Register, SVP of Business Development and Channels at DocuSign, said: “LEAP is a game-changing set of SaaS-based content applications that advance EMC’s vision for next-generation enterprise content solutions.”

Melissa Webster, program VP, Content and Digital Media Technologies, IDC, said: “The nature of work is changing. Businesses need to collaborate digitally with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees – in real time, from any device.

“This requires intuitive, cloud-based apps that let them easily co-create, contribute, and share information – and coordinate efforts. Collaboration is also a vital part of business processes, and enterprises can lose critical context when collaboration is disconnected from the business focus. It requires fundamentally reimagining content collaboration. EMC’s LEAP suite makes that LEAP.

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