Dell Makes A Bid For The Data Centre

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A big announcement today will include new servers based on Intel’s Nehalem processor, and services to support whole data centres

Industry giant Dell is announcing a set of new servers today, to compete more strongly against vendors including IBM and HP – and will be boosting its service offering.

“Industry-standard” servers based on Intel and AMD processors have grown massively, but are still predominantly low-end systems and Dell has not had a full set of products and serivces to support whole data centres.

All that is set to change, according to widespread reports. Details have been scanty, beyond promises of  a “new strategy and enterprise portfolio designed to free customers from the restraints of costly and proprietary business technology.”

The announcement, called 11G, as it is the 11th generation of Dell’s PowerEdge servers, is also expected to include storage arrays and workstations.

The proof of the strategy will be in whether Dell can convincingly address the whole picture, including the ability to reduce costs and simplify data centres, helping companies to reduce their IT and power costs at the same time.

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