Tech Quiz: Big Data Analytics

Big Data keyboard © Maksim Kabakou shutterstock

Big data is a big deal in the IT world and beyond. But how much do you know about this pervasive tech trend?

Big data has been banded around the IT and enterprise world for some time, and its still remains one of the most prevalent tech trends. 

And for good reason. As access to all manner of data sources increases, so to does enterprise adoption of big data systems and tools. 

Bigger big data 

bigdataworldThere is no shortage of big data tech out in the wilds of the IT land, but that also means there’s a lot of clamouring for the attention of high-ranking executives and IT chiefs with big budgets for big data. 

But if you’ve been keeping a careful eye on Silicon‘s hallowed web pages, you’ll be clued up on big data, so why not put your knowledge to the test with out big data quiz

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