‘World’s Biggest Data Centre’ To Be Built In Nevada


Switch’s SUPERNAP project also hooking up multiple cities with ultra-fast fibre

Switch, the Las Vegas-based communications and data centre firm, is set to construct the world’s biggest data centre in Reno, Nevada.

The site will cost $1bn and occupy three million square feet. Set to be built on a 1,000 acre site in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, the data centre will be close neigbours with Tesla’s $5 billion gigafactory which will make batteries for its electric cars.


Reno Governer Brian Sandoval said in an address to the state: “This will make Nevada the most digitally connected state in the nation.”

Switch already has two data centres in Las Vegas, with customers such as Xerox, Amazon, and DreamWorks on their servers.

The project also includes the construction of 500 miles of fibre optic network called a ‘superloop’ that will hook up Reno with Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Franciso which will decrease latency between the cities.

Switch said that the superloop will put up to 50 million people within 14 milliseconds of data, and that data will be able to move between Reno and Las Vegas in only 7 milliseconds.

“Offering our clients the ability to locate their infrastructure safely in two cities, over 500 miles apart and yet only 7 milliseconds away is critical for both redundancy and scalability,” saiddata centre Switch CEO and Founder Rob Roy.

“The construction of SUPERNAP Reno will create the need for Switch to expand its Las Vegas footprint and Nevada will remain Switch’s global anchor location.”

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