Quiz Of The Week: Data Centres

data centre

Show us how much you know about data centres with our weekly quiz

Data centres. You know what they are right? Those big buildings that keep your data safe in the cloud, run the Internet, and occasionally catch on fire. If you need to brush up on your data centre knowledge we suggest reading our article here on how to explain a data centre. But if you’re already clued up, here’s a right treat for you.

Yes, our quiz of the week this week is all about the humble data centre. This quiz doesn’t so much focus on what they are, or how they work, but rather this year’s latest developments in the data centre biz. Who’s buying who, who’s building where, and some key terms you should be aware of in the data centre space.

So don your hard hat, lower your goggles and prepare for a deep dive into the cyber-world of data centres with our 15-question quiz.

Good luck!

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