Tech Quiz: VMware & Virtualisation


What do you know about VMware and virtualisation technologies? Test your knowledge!

VMware is one of the most influential technology companies in the world and had plenty to say at its annual VMworld event in Las Vegas this week.

From surprising partnerships with old rivals and with startups to a tranche of product announcements, attendees will have plenty to take away with them when they return to the office.


VMware quiz

As one of the pioneers of virtualisation, it has branched out into hyperconverged infrastructure, device management and hybrid cloud. It has acquired a lot of companies over the years, and has itself changed hands more than once.

Chances are that anyone who has ever worked at a large company or in the world of IT has had at least some interaction with VMware

But what do you know about the company and the technologies it has created?

Do you live vicariously through VMware and virtualisation? Are you hyperactive about hypervisors? Are you a fan of vSAN?

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