Canonical Rolls Out Kernel Too Boost Ubuntu On AWS Performance

AWS and Canonical partner-up to get produce the tuned kernel for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Users of Ubuntu-based systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud can look forward to a speed boost with the deployment of an AWS-tuned kernel for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release

Created in partnerships with AWS, Ubuntu’s creator Canonical the kernel allows for up to 30 percent faster kernel boot speeds in AWS and a 15 percent boost in a smaller kernel package. 

“Official Ubuntu guest images have been available on AWS for years, and underlie the majority of workloads on the service—whether you use the EC2 Quickstart, Marketplace, or Lightsail. This week, and for the first time on the public cloud, Canonical, in collaboration with Amazon, is delighted to announce the availability of an AWS-tuned Ubuntu kernel for the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release,” Canonical said. 

Ubuntu kernel power 

Ubuntu LandscapeThe kernel has been enabled by default on Ubuntu Cloud Images on AWS from March 29, and Canonical promises it will receive the same level of support and security maintenance as all Ubuntu kernels for the duration of the 16.04 LTS  release. 

Alongside a speed boost,users of the 16.04 LTS build will receive other benefits, such as full support for the Elastic Network Adapter, including 20Gbps support for instances running it, improved I/O performance for i3 instances, and resolved CPU throttling for AWS t2.mirco instances. 

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