Tech Quiz Of The Week: Trump And Technology

What do you know about the new US President Donald Trump and his relationship with technology?

By the time you read this, Donald J Trump may well already be the 45th President of the United States.

As the world’s most powerful men, his influence on the world’s affairs will be vast and far reaching. But given that the technology industry is overwhelmingly dominated by Silicon Valley, his impact on our sector will be disproportionately large.

donald trump


The overwhelming majority of the Valley appeared to support Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton and many have concerns about immigration, privacy and net neutrality going forward. A tech summit between leading CEOs and the incoming President sought to find common ground.

But what about the President himself? What are his views?

He has been described as a luddite with misguided or inadequate knowledge of technology, but used social media as effectively as anyone in his journey to the White House. He has promised to be tough on cyberwarfare and there is every suggestion that the surveillance networks he inherits will be strengthened.

But what do you know?

Find out with our quiz!