Tech Quiz: Cloud In 2017


Do you know the cloud? If yes, then put your knowledge to the test with the Silicon cloud in 2017 quiz!

Every IT company worth its salt is talking about the cloud. They have been doing so for years and continue to tow the cloud line as adoption of private and public based services pick up pace with every year. 

And 2017 is no different, with all manner of firms championing new hardware, software and network innovations to drive the evolution of the cloud 

Cloud quiz 

cloudOn Silicon‘s pages you will find plenty about the cloud and the industries it is helping to evolve and transform. While challenges exist, as we have discussed in our Silicon 360 cloud roundtable, the most enduring technology trend in enterprise IT is showing no signs of disappearing. 

So take a look at our cloudy articles, and when you’re done try out cloud tech quiz to put your knowledge to the test. 

Try the cloud quiz!