Tech Quiz: Government & Public Sector IT

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What do you know about the government’s relationship with technology, the failures and great innovations?

Technology, it goes without saying, is essential to modern government. In recent years the government has moved public services online and local authorities are looking at ways to use tech to help solve challenges and save money amid huge budget cuts.

Some great innovations have come from the public sector but it hasn’t always been plain sailing.

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Evil parliament (c) pisaphotography, Shutterstock 2014

Government IT Quiz

Huge multi-billion projects have gone awry, politicians don’t appear to understand encryption and the NHS and Met Police still use Windows XP – as the chaos caused recently by ransomware proved.

This election has been notable for a relative lack of technology polices, including one party that didn’t have a single one. You can’t vote online either.

But what do you know about the triumph and the tragedy of public sector IT?

Find out with our quiz!