Securing the Hybrid Cloud: Data breaches, ransomware, phishing and more

Securing hybrid cloud

As enterprises continue to develop their hybrid cloud architectures, more sensitive information has the potential to become exposed. Learn about the current compliance issues and how enterprises are approaching their security protocols as their hybrid clouds develop and expand

Hybrid cloud threat surfaces

The lack of visibility of the entire hybrid cloud network is often pointed to by CIOs and CTOs as a significant cause of their security concerns. The expansion of network access points, which are often off-premises, as enterprises embrace more flexible working structures, where mobile digital devices need to connect to various components of the network whether private or public, has changed the threat landscape and how these risks can be mitigated.

Another major security issue for CTOs, in particular, is that they will, in many instances, buy several hybrid cloud products from different vendors. As they build their hybrid clouds, each vendor’s specific security applications have to be supported, maintained and integrated with any others that are already in place.

This potential fragmentation of the security protocols in place can reduce the overall resilience of the hybrid cloud network as a whole.

The approach your business takes to security when developing and deploying a hybrid cloud network will be specific to your precise needs. IDC found that 80% of the 400 IT decision-makers they interviewed were moving some data and applications away from the public cloud to mitigate security threats.

The key to a robust hybrid cloud security policy is an understanding of the entire network that needs protection and, how this differs from the current security model in place. Assessing the topology and perimeter of the hybrid cloud will provide the insights needed, which could potentially mean a rearchitecture the security protocols currently in use.

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