Rackspace Revamps OnMetal Cloud Servers

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Performance booster for Cassandra, Docker and Spark workloads comes to the UK

Rackspace has launched an overhauled version of its OpenStack-powered OnMetal cloud server, designed for workloads on Cassandra, Docker, Spark and Windows.

The new servers are designed to meet the increasing need for scalability and elasticity that intensive data processing applications demand.

Demanding workloads

rackspacePaul Voccio, vice president of software development at Rackspace, said: “With the combination of new features and performance capabilities in the next generation of OnMetal, it can be a solution for many customers seeking OpenStack as the platform to run their most demanding workloads.”

Launched in 2014, this is the first time Rackspace’s bare metal servers will actually be available in UK data centres.

The new servers, designed from Open Compute Project specs, employ Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processers and upgraded storage with 800 GB SSDs.

Voccio said that Rackspace is “leading the OpenStack market” with its technical innovations, and it now claims to boast the fastest deployment times in the industry.

“This offering gives customers bare metal speed, with the control, security and consistent performance comparable to dedicated hardware,” said Rackspace.

The updated servers connect between public cloud and dedicated hardware to boost hybrid performance, according to Rackspace, and can now run with Microsoft and Linux workloads.

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