Rackspace Offers Managed VMWare vCloud To Enterprise


Rackspace adds dedicated VMware vCloud to managed private cloud portfolio

Rackspace will now be offering managed private cloud in the form of VMware vCloud.

The ‘strategic partnership’ was announced today, with Rackspace claiming that “dedicated vCloud enables IT to offload the “keeping-the-lights-on” activities like backing up VMs, and OS patching to Rackspace”.

RackspaceEnhances control

The firm said: “Dedicated vCloud is a single-tenant, hosted environment that enables enterprises to take the next step in their virtualisation journey by offering advanced automation, self-service, hosted catalogues and access to the vCloud API and vCloud web portal.

“Dedicated vCloud also enhances control. By exposing the vCloud API directly to each customer, Rackspace allows the customer to integrate a third-party orchestration tool and introduce policy-based governance.”

Just before Christmas Rackspace was hit by a DDoS attack which knocked out the firm’s DNS servers for almost 12 hours.

Rackspace posted a status on its Google+ page stating: “On December 21st, at approximately 23:54 CST, backbone engineers identified a UDP DDoS attack targeting the DNS servers in our IAD, ORD, and LON data centers.

“As a result of this issue, authoritative DNS resolution for any new request to the DNS servers began to fail in the affected data centres.”

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