Poll: Are You On A Journey To Hybrid Cloud?

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SPONSORED POLL: Michael Dell thinks ‘everyone’ is on a journey to hybrid cloud. But are you?

“We believe everyone is on a journey to hybrid cloud,” declared Dell CEO Michael Dell as he outlined his firm’s vision for ‘digital transformation’ of business.

There’s no doubting the cloud’s status as a transformative technology, helping businesses expand rapidly and more cost effectively, but there are many decisions to be made when devising a cloud strategy.

Public cloud might offer better economics, but many are restricted by regulatory requirements or feel owning hardware might be a better option.

Hybrid cloud

red hatHybrid cloud promises the best of both worlds for businesses who want the scalability and cost benefits of public cloud but the control and privacy of private or want to maximise existing IT assets by keeping some workloads on-premise.

But do you agree with Michael Dell? Is everyone on a journey to the hybrid cloud? Let us know in our latest poll.

What type of cloud strategy does your organisation have?

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