Oracle Builds UK Data Centres For New London Cloud Region

Multiple announcements emerge from CloudWorld in New York, including expansion into the UK’s capital city

Oracle is expanding its cloud reach across Europe and the US, and has named London as of three new infrastructure Regions to be created over the next six months.

Making the announcement at CloudWorld in New York today, the three new data centres in London are expected to come online by mid-2017, along with similar moves into Turkey and Virginia.

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With this expansion, Oracle will have doubled the regional presence of its cloud platform in the last 24 months, with 29 Regions available globally. Additional Regions are planned to come online in APAC, North America, and the Middle East in 2018.

“Oracle is committed to building the most differentiated Cloud Platform that delivers on the requirements of a wide array of customer workloads,” said Deepak Patil, vice president of development, Oracle Cloud Platform. “This regional expansion underscores our commitment to making the engineering and capital investments required to continue to be a global large scale cloud platform leader.”

Each of the new regions will consist of a minimum of three high bandwidth, low latency sites, all integrated into the Oracle Cloud Platform providing failure protection and availability for even the most demanding cloud applications.

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This is not the only announcement to have come out of CloudWorld today, with Oracle revealing a range of updates related to its cloud platform.

The first of these is the launch of a free event series called Oracle Code, which will bring developers together to learn about the latest technologies, best practices and cloud industry trends.

The events will provide attendees with insights into the challenges associated with cloud development through a combination of keynotes, technical sessions and hands-on labs and will come to London on 20 April.

In addition, Oracle unveiled enhancements to its cloud platform that makes it easier for customers of any size to develop, test, and deploy business-critical applications in the cloud. These improvements include the availability of the Oracle Database Cloud Service on bare metal compute, along with new virtual machine compute, load balancing, and storage capabilities.

Oracle is not the only cloud provider to have expanded into London over the last few months. AWS’ long-awaited UK data centres went live at the end of last year, while Google has committed to a UK data centre and IBM has detailed its own significant British data centre expansion.

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