Tech Quiz Of The Week: What Do You Know About Oracle?

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ORACLE OPENWORLD: What do you know about the software house Larry built?

Every autumn, Oracle’s annual OpenWorld takes over San Francisco, with tens of thousands of attendees flocking to San Francisco to hear about the company’s latest work.

The company’s growth owes much to its dominance of the database software market, a platform from which it has extended its tentacles into just about every other part of the IT industry since it was formed in 1977.

Oracle cloud biplane aircraft © Anatoliy Lukich Shutterstock

Oracle Quiz

This year saw autonomous databases, Blockchain platforms, AI chatbots and updates to its bread and butter software, alongside some interesting partnerships. 

Mark Hurd might be its CEO these days, but founder Larry Ellison looms large as CTO, and he couldn’t resist taking swipes at some of its competitors as Oracle moves further into the cloud space.

It may face huge competition from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in the public cloud space, and some wonder whether its efforts have come too late, but the influence and power of Oracle cannot be overstated.

Over the years, Oracle has been praised and maligned, swallowed up numerous companies, and has never been far away from a legal battle or two, but what do you know about the house that Larry built?

Find out with our quiz!

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