Oracle Launches Government Cloud For UK Public Sector


Follows on from plans to build three new London data centres by the end of the year

Oracle’s cloud presence in the UK continues to grow with the launch of a dedicated Government Cloud Region to serve public sector organisations.

The company’s UK Government Cloud will allow Whitehall to ensure security requirements and protocols are met when moving workloads to the cloud, with the platform recently being awarded with a Cyber Essentials Plus certificate and achieving  ISO 27001 certification.

The news will boost the government’s ongoing digital transformation efforts, as it looks to cut costs and provide new services for citizens.

larry_ellison oracle open world keynote

“At Oracle, security is at the heart of everything we do,” said Dermot O’Kelly, senior vice president and country leader for Oracle UK, Ireland & Israel.

“We understand that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information is vital to your business. Security is embedded in Oracle’s ‘DNA’ – within the product, the development cycle, and Cloud Operations practices – to ensure your information remains your information.

“Mission critical data can only be maintained by having the most stringent security measures in place. Today’s announcements show we share the Government’s commitment to provide the highest possible levels of security.”

Oracle has been busy expending its cloud services in the UK and across Europe in recent months. In January it announced plans to build three new data centres in London by the end of the year and expanded its startup cloud accelerator programme into Bristol in an effort to unearth new talent.

This was followed by the launch of its Gen2 IaaS cloud platform in Germany – its European debut – to let local businesses take advantage of multiple cloud services.

However, this cloud focus has had consequences. Earlier in the year Oracle cut over 1,000 jobs as its move away from hardware gathered momentum, a process which Microsoft is also currently going through.

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