Poll: What Is The Biggest Impact Of Network Failure On Your Business?

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The network underpins just about every part of business IT, but what happens if something gows wrong?

A good network is the foundation for just about every component of IT infrastructure, meaning that even the slightest issue can cause a headache for any business.

Even a relatively minor issue such as a loss of wireless connectivity in the office can waste both the time of staff and IT departments.

Have you tried switching it on and off again?

Ethernet Cat5 cable twisted pair wire network © Galushko Sergey ShutterstockBut a major outage can interrupt virtualised and cloud processes, debilitate backend operations and cause disruption for customers.

The potential is there for serious reputational damage and the financial impact of any loss of business resulting from the problems.

And as recent events have shown, no size of organisation is safe. Amazon and Facebook have both been hit by outages, highlighting the need for a secure, reliable network.

But we want to know what you think the biggest issue of network downtime is? And if you have taken any measures to protect yourself, let us know in the comments.

What Is The Biggest Impact Of Network Failure On Your Business?

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