Microsoft Cloud UK Data Centres Get Private Connections & Security Updates

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The Azure ExpressRoute and PSN/N3 Connectivity feature is just one of the new tools and services available to Azure customers in the UK.

Microsoft customers using the company’s UK data centres are now able to make use of private internet connections, increasing security for businesses in the region.

The Azure ExpressRoute and PSN/N3 Connectivity feature allows Microsoft customers such as the Ministry of Defence, the Met Police and parts of the NHS to securely access and manage their confidential data.

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UK updates

This feature is one in a series of updates that Microsoft has unveiled since launching its Azure and Cloud 365 offering in the UK earlier this year, following on from the launch of an IoT-based security programme and a cloud blueprint for government agencies.

But that’s not all. Azure Security Centre, which increases network security by enabling visibility and control over the network, Service Fabric, a design service for app developers and Azure Marketplace, an online store featuring thousands of certified and open source applications, developer services and data, are all also now available to UK customers.

Microsoft says these tools can help organisations “digitally transform the way they work” and will be boosted by the availability of devops, disaster recovery and backup services “in the near future.”

Finally, the company’s PowerBI and PowerBI embedded tools are now available and Dynamics 365 is expected to be introduced to UK data centres in the “first half of 2017.”

Microsoft’s Azure cloud revenue has experienced significant growth this year, leaving it well placed in the public cloud market.

Cindy Rose, Microsoft’s UK chief executive, said: “We’re delighted to see such growing demand for our cloud services from our new data centres in the UK. We’ve been part of the UK’s tech landscape for over 30 years and we’re proud of the way this country leads the world in embracing technology and new ideas.”

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