Microsoft Releases OneDrive For Business Mac Client, Adds SharePoint Sync Options

Microsoft promises updates will let businesses work on files in the cloud just as they do on desktop

Microsoft has updated OneDrive for Business with new sharing options and a standalone client for Mac.

The current edition of the Windows client has been available for a year but admins have requested the ability to work and sync files stored on SharePoint Online team sites and folders shared by other commercial users.

This has now been updated to do just that so managing files on OneDrive for Business is as easy as on a PC or Mac, and it works offline too.

OneDrive Mac

OneDrive for Business

The Mac version has been available for consumers but its deployment in business environments has been restricted by the necessity to use the Mac App Store.

The update means it can be managed outside these confines and admins are able to control sync, set up visual overlays in finder and sync at sign in.

Both the Windows and Mac editions have a new ‘activity centre’ that shows the most recent actions. It can be found in the system tray on Windows or in Finder on Mac.

The features will help Microsoft close the gap on other platforms like Box and Dropbox, both of which offer integration with Office 365.

Box has just updated its Box Notes platform both on the web and on desktop, while Dropbox is expected to reveal updates later this month.

The most recent updates to Office 365 have included the introduction of StaffHub for shift and deskless workers as well as a series of administration and accessibility tweaks.

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