IBM And Red Hat Join Forces To Drive OpenStack And Hybrid Cloud

red hat cloud © MartinM2008 Shutterstock

IBM will become a certified provider of Red Hat’s cloud products and services on its private cloud

Red Hat and IBM have joined forces to work on spreading the adoption of hybrid cloud by offering Red Hat’s OpenStack services on IBM’s private cloud platform.

The collaboration will see IBM become a certified provider of Red Hat’s cloud products and services, allowing for Red Hat’s OpenStack Platform and is Ceph Storage services to be run on the IBM Private Cloud.

Big Blue and Red Hat

red hat logoGiven the ability for the OpenStack platform to operate as a means for bringing in different parts of the cloud infrastructure stack from different vendors together, it is arguably a solid software platform for businesses looking to adopt the cloud under the missive of digital transformation doctrines without getting locked into one vendor and facilitate the deployment of a hybrid mix of public and private cloud services and on-premise servers.

With the benefits of bridging the flexible cost of a scalable public cloud and the robust security and control of a private cloud, hybrid cloud is often touted as the likely route most enterprises will take while undergoing digital transformation. As such, the partnership between IBM and Red Hat is aimed squarely at accelerating this adoption.

“Our collaboration with IBM is aimed at helping enterprise customers more quickly and easily embrace hybrid cloud,” said Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager of OpenStack at Red Hat.

“Now, customers who don’t have in-house expertise to manage an OpenStack infrastructure can more confidently consume Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage on IBM Private Cloud.”

For IBM the partnership helps make its Private Cloud an attractive proposition for enterprises looking to deploy OpenStack based infrastructure, while Red Hat gains access to a cloud with one of the larger global footprints, therefore boosting its reach on a global scale.

Red Hat is not shy when it comes to partnerships with other firms providing cloud infrastructure; it recently combined its OpenShift container platform with the Google Cloud Platform.

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