Druva Touts $10m SaaS Data Protection Guarantee

With cloud adoption increasing amid ongoing risks of cyberattacks on customer data, Druva offers a $10m protection guarantee

SaaS solution provider Druva is offering some financial reassurance for firms anxious to protect their customer data and keep it available.

The Santa Clara, California-based firm is offering what it calls the ‘Data Resiliency Guarantee’ (or DRG), amid ongoing data protection challenges for many organisations.

Druva’s SaaS data protection service (the Druva Resiliency Cloud) will provide up to $10 million in coverage, and guarantees the security, immutability and availability of customers’ data. Further details on this can be found here.

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Data Resiliency Guarantee

For those that don’t know, the Druva Resiliency Cloud is a SaaS offering that runs on the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The $10m DRG is actually an expansion of the firm’s existing liability limitations.

This means that customers adopting the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, should be more reassured they are protected against a wide variety of data loss and downtime events across five key risk categories: cyber, human, application, operation and environmental.

Druva claims its guarantee is made possible by its ‘best-in-class’ SLAs (service level agreements) that ensure high levels of uptime, and protection of data from unauthorised user access.

Druva’s SLAs include the following:

  • 100 percent confidentiality SLA to guarantee customer data stored in backups will not be compromised (i.e. malicious and unauthorised access) as a result of a security incident;
  • 100 percent immutability SLA to guarantee backups will not be deleted, encrypted, or otherwise changed as a result of a cyber attack;
  • 99 percent reliability SLA guaranteeing successful backup services;
  • 99.999 percent durability SLA to ensure successful backups will be recoverable;
  • Up to 99.5 percent availability SLA to maximise uptime.

“Ransomware protection alone isn’t enough to satisfy the pressures, challenges and speed of modern businesses,” noted Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO, Druva.

“Protecting data from outside attackers should be table stakes at this point but most vendors are simply unable to make stronger commitments given the limitations of their business models,” said Singh. “In contrast, our SaaS model offers complete control over the various technology functions and the ability for our team to manage the entire customer experience.”

“Others might guarantee certain protections or performance but we have taken this a step further by expanding our terms, extending our coverage against all five risks with five SLAs, and clearly defining comprehensive coverage for customers – all backed by up to $10 million,” said Singh.

Threats, challenges

The concept of ensuring a customer’s data is protected and always available by offering a sizeable financial guarantee, is an interesting development – in light of the ongoing threats and challenges faced by many businesses operating today.

“Organisations across Europe are facing myriad challenges outside of cyber attacks that can be catastrophic to their business,” admitted W. Curtis Preston, chief technical evangelist at Druva.

W. Curtis Preston, chief technical evangelist at Druva

“Just weeks ago, a sweltering heat wave struck Europe and sparked hundreds of wildfires across the United Kingdom, Spain and France, tragically destroying dozens of businesses and homes,” said Preston. “As temperatures continue to rise, data stored in vulnerable locations are in grave danger.”

“Unfortunately, natural disasters and cyber attacks aren’t the only threat to a business; hardware and software failure, accidental deletion, and insider threats are also all potential events that must be planned for,” said Preston.

“In the face of all of this, Druva is committed to helping customers protect against all types of data loss and downtime events,” Preston concluded. “The Druva Data Resiliency Guarantee underscores this commitment, helping customers gain peace of mind that amidst all of today’s challenges, their data will be always protected and easily recovered.”