Huawei Launches NGFW Card To Make Data Centres SFW

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Next-generation firewall card released for Huawei data centre switches

Boosted by a 33 percent increase in profit, Huawei has announced the release of its Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) card for data centre switches.

The card, built for the firm’s CE12800 series switches, claims to be the industry’s first NGFW card. It comes with a throughput of up to 40 Gbps, has support for 12 million concurrent connections and can be virtualised into 1,024 virtual firewalls.

Tested and verified

As always, Huawei is working extra hard to let everyone know its hardware is safe to use, thus, the NGFW card has reportedly been tested and verified by The Tolly Group, an independent IT certification body.

Huawei’s NGFW Card on CE12800 Series Data Centre Switches

Yu Li, VP of Huawei switches, said: “The rollout of Huawei’s CE12800 data center switch NGFW card marks a more complete Huawei data centre network product portfolio.

“The NGFW card enables deep convergence of network and security, ensuring a high ROI (return on investment) while lowering network construction costs. Moreover, network and security devices can be managed in a unified manner, which helps customers to improve management of multiple systems from different vendors.”

Huawei cited the rapid development of cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile for the need to develop its NGFW card, as info shacks become hot targets for hackers.

A spokesperson for The Tolly Group said that “the security card is capable of substantially reducing customers’ network maintenance costs”.

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