HPE Embraces Digital Transformation To Help Enterprises Cope With IT Disruption

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ANALYSIS: No surprises as HPE joins the likes of Microsoft in towing the digital transformation line

“Digital disruption is driving profound change in business processes, the explosion of data requires a new breed of applications, this means new apps need to be developed faster, the value of add must be a lot, and insights must be uncovered in order to deliver business value,” said Neri. “One of our core strategy tenets is to make hybrid IT simple.”

Neri noted HPE will also help digital services integration and IT migration with professional services as well as products and platforms to take some of the complexity off the hands of beleaguered IT chiefs.

Evolution not revolution

the-machine-3While HPE enthused about the tech and services it has on offer to facilitate and drive digital transformations, arguably not much has changed with the company. It has its Synergy composable service which stands out from hyper-converged offerings from other IT players by allowing computer, storage and network resources in servers to be used more flexibly via a single pool of software-defined resources.

But beyond that not a huge amount has been drastically change with the data centre, cloud and enterprise services HPE offers beyond a few nips and tucks.

So in some ways HPE could simply be embracing digital transformation as a mere marketing tool while it continues with  business as usual.

However, the company has an ace up its sleeve in the form of HPE Labs. This research and development division is working on some truly interesting hardware and software systems, such as network platforms for the IoT and The Machine; HPE’s attempts to overhaul  traditional computer architecture.

With the Labs, HPE can take innovative bit of tech that are cooked up in by its best minds and integrate them into its existing products, such as adding photonics network fabric to its server products for faster data transfer.

With this in mind, digital transformation can be subtly facilitated by evolution in HPE’s technologies that support its products and services, turning traditional servers into true powerhouses of big data, analytics and engines for the IoT.

It may not be the sexiest way to deliver digital transformation, but for HPE it makes sense and could allow it to forge a solid post-split future.

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