Google Hopes Limes Audio Will Improve Hangouts Voice Quality


Limes Audio’s technology removes distracting noises, distortion and echoes during video calls

Google has purchased voice communication company Limes Audio for an undisclosed sum to help improve the sound quality of the search giant’s videoconferencing.

The Swedish firm’s technology will be used to boost audio experience for customers using Google’s Chromebox for Meetings and Hangouts services, a growing issue as more and more businesses use video communications in their day-to-day meetings.


Better Hangouts

Serge Lachapelle, director of product management for Google Cloud, explained the reasoning behind the acquisition in a blog post: “One of the biggest challenges to a great video meeting is the audio quality. Conference rooms today come in all shapes and sizes and that can provide a challenge for acoustics. Additionally, a poor internet connection can hamper voice quality in video conference calls.

“Limes Audio has been building solutions that remove the distracting noise, distortion and echoes that can affect online video and telephony meetings, improving the overall online conference experience.”

Limes Audio’s founders Fredric Lindström and Christian Schüldt said the ten-year-old company will “continue to work towards all voice conversations sounding equally loud and clear, regardless of the distance or environment.”

Whilst Google has been busy with today’s announcement and launching its 55-inch digital whiteboard called Jamboard to improve collaboration in meetings, Microsoft has launched its own workplace communication platform and  a free Skype meetings tool for small businesses.

This activity shows how important providing technology to enable more productive employees has become, with the market having quickly developed into a crowded and competitive one over the last 12 months.

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