Google: Brexit Will Not Make A Difference To The Search Giant’s Cloud Ambitions

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GCP Next 2017: Google will continue with its European and UK expansion plans despite Britain’s decision to leave the EU

Brexit will not get in the way of Google’s continued cloud expansion in the UK, despite concerns that the decision to leave the European Union will see technology companies shunning Britain

Sebastien Marotte, vice president of the EMEA region at Google Cloud, told Silicon that everything will basically be business as usual for the search giant’s cloud arm. 

“We don’t see any difference actually,” he said when asked what effect Brexit will have on Google’s presence in Europe. “The UK is an absolutely massive market; companies in the UK really understand the benefits of technology, and we are seeing an amazing pace in terms of adoption.”

Bypassing Brexit 

“It’s absolutely crazy actually, I mean I can’t be more candid in telling you that our activity is totally multiplied right now; every single company right now in the UK is knocking at the door and wants to understand what we are doing and how we can help them.

“Brexit or not Brexit, honestly I think that in this market is absolutely pretty good.” 

EU Brexit referedumOne could argue that this is simply bluster from Google, which may not want to worry its existing customers in the UK. However, with UK companies like professional service firm PwC and cosmetic retailer Lush,  and banking giant HSBC, which has a significant presence in the UK, Google’s Brexit bluster is given a significant dose of credence. 

Marotte also highlighted that a large proportion of Google’s global customers are located in Europe, and that the search giant has been building out its cloud infrastructure in the continent for some time and as such is not likely to let Brexit get in the way of its plans to continue to court current and future UK and European companies. 

Furthermore, Google has an interest in innovation centres across the EMEA region, and with London, Cardiff, Cambridge, and the North sporting hubs of tech startups and innovation labs, it is very unlikely it will shun the UK even if Brexit throws up challenges that are currently not a problem while the UK remains part of the EU. 

Google is not the only company displaying confidence in the face of Brexit; Virgin Media has plans to push out 350Mbps broadband to drive SMB growth even amid Brexit concerns

At the same time Google is getting ready for the effects the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation will usher in by promising to be ready for is come May 2018

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