GoDaddy DNS Outage Knocks Customer Websites Offline

The Internet domain registrar and web hosting company appears to be fixing the issues

Internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy has suffered an outage with its infrastructure services relating to the provision of is domain name services (DNS) and website services.

GoDaddy’s infrastructure service status page, at the time of writing shows, shows the company has identified problems with its DNS services and is in the process of fixing them.

GoDaddy DNS outage

godaddylogohorizontalThe outage first came to light from complaints and frustrations being voiced on Twitter by users of GoDaddy, who noted the DNS problems have taken their websites offline, despite GODaddy’s status page previously indicating all was well with its services.

“Hey @godaddy – our site is down because your systems are down. But your status page says all is fine. Please fix asap! We have work to do..!” said Twitter user Salome.

“@GoDaddy Guys DNS / Nameserver problems for the last 18 hours at least and nothing on your status page saying outage, come on fix up!!!!“ complained Anil Bhudia.

“@GoDaddy our site is down 20 minute wait on support and no live chat. Could you advice on system status please,” a worried sounding Andy Harrison tweeted.

GoDaddy’s support account on Twitter, @GoDaddyHelp acknowledged there were issues with its service: “Some users may be experiencing issues connecting from within the EU region. We’re working to fix this ASAP. Thanks for your patience.”

Other than that, there has been no statement or update from GoDaddy for at least five hours. But cloud managed Wi-fi and social hotspot company and user of GoDaddy services suggests the GoDaddy DNS issues are improving.

“GoDaddy DNS issues are now solved. You may still encounter Tanaza intermittent availability during DNS propagation in the next few hours,” the firm’s @Tanaza_Status Twitter account said.

GoDaddy does not seem to be having a good time with service outages lately, as back in January it encountered an outage that revoked the SSL certificates of thousands of its users after it accidentally introduced a bug as part of a routine code change.

Such outages can cause all manner of chaos even if they are short-lived; the recent Amazon Web Services S3 cloud outage saw a number of high profile websites affected.

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