Facebook May Be Planning Its First Asia-Pacific Data Centre

Taiwanese government source tell Reuters that efforts are being made to ready a 6 acre site in Google-occupied Changhua County

Facebook is reportedly considering building a £200 million (T$10bn) data centre in Taiwan, a data centre that would be the first build of its kind for Facebook in the Asia-Pacific region.

A Taiwanese government spokesperson, Magistrate Wei Ming-ku of Changhua County, told Reuters: “We’ve made all-out efforts to ensure sufficient supply of water and electricity … We hope they will come.”


data centre
Construction of Google’s Taiwan data centre

Changhua County is also the home to Google’s Taiwanese data centre. Google pumped an extra £44 million into the data centre earlier this year, having initially spent £400 million on the 37 acre site in 2011.

According to Wei, the proposed data centre would need 6 acres of land, but space for up to 20 acres would be reserved for future expansion.

In a statement to Reuters, a Facebook spokesperson said: “As a global company working to connect billions of people around the world, we are always evaluating potential sites for new data centres, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.”

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