Exec Floats Idea Of Cloud Computing Trade Association


One cloud computing enthusiast believes there should be a cloud computing trade association

Cloud computing enthusiast Reuven Cohen plans to call for the creation of a cloud computing trade association.

Cohen, who is chief technologist and founder of Enomaly, a cloud computing infrastructure provider, said in a blog post this week that he has been invited to speak at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York today, where he will advocate the creation of a new cloud computing trade association.

Said Cohen: “I will publicly ask for the support of the greater community in the creation of a completely new kind of cloud computing trade association. This organisation will be focused on the marketing and advancement of cloud computing industry, a goal we all share. This organisation must focus on bringing together all the various industry participants in a truly open and collaborative environment. The cloud community as well as companies big or small will have a voice. What I am asking for is not just another trade association but the opportunity to re-imagine how we, the cloud community can jointly co-operate to advance the over all market opportunity for cloud computing through a neutral yet formalized and legal organisation.”

Cohen also asked for suggestions on what a cloud computing trade association should look like.

Meanwhile, Cohen also recapped a meeting held on 30 March in New York, which included representatives from IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, the Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum (CCIF) and others. Steven Martin, Microsoft’s senior director of developer platform management, who stirred up a stream of controversy by objecting to an IBM-led Open Cloud Manifesto, which was released on March 30, said he believed the meeting Cohen recapped would be a chance to have a closer look at the issues the manifesto tried to address. “From our perspective, this represents a fresh start on the conversation – a collaborative ‘do-over’ if you will,” he said.

Of the New York meeting, which was held in conjunction with the Cloud Computing Expo, Cohen said:

“The companies agreed on a shared goal to promote use and awareness of open and interoperable cloud computing. The group brainstormed several ideas including the possibility to build on the momentum created by CloudCamp. Another topic was the ability to enable participants, from individuals and companies, both large and small, to be able to contribute to and use the results of broad community collaboration. Additionally, the possibility of a trade association or marketing association for cloud computing was discussed but no specific actions were agreed. The final topic was the need to have broader participation from the community in this discussion.”

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