Elastic Brings Search And Analytics To Google Cloud Platform


The complete Elastic stack will now be available on GCP with Google’s latest cloud partnership

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has partnered with California-based data firm Elastic to bring managed support of its open source search and analytics platform onto Google’s cloud.

The partnership will provide customers with high-performance global network and scale, increased security and privacy, data analytics and machine learning and the tools needed to build applications.

The complete Elastic stack, consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash, sill now be available on GCP, offering search, logging, security and analytics capabilities.

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Elastic + GCP

“With managed Elastic Cloud on GCP, developers get a hosted and managed Elasticsearch and Kibana offering”, wrote Nan Boden, head of global technology partners at Google Cloud. “The latest versions of Elastic’s software, commercial features, including increased security, alerting, monitoring, graph and reporting, and support from Elastic engineers.

“This service will allow customers to more easily deploy, manage and scale Elasticsearch on GCP based on their specific needs.”

Elastic Co-Founder and CTO Shay Banon said the partnership represents “a significant step forward for our users”, describing GCP as “one of the most innovative and open source friendly cloud platforms.

“With this partnership, users will have the option to launch a customized and managed cluster via Elastic Cloud on GCP with a few simple clicks and settings. This offering will be available in the second half of 2017, and users who run Elastic Cloud on GCP will have access to the latest versions of our open source software, X-Pack features, and Elastic’s support services.”

This is one of several new cloud partnerships that Google has announced over the last few weeks as it looks to keep pace with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft.

In March GCP revealed it will be collaborating with Rackspace on a new managed services offering and also announced a strategic partnership with SAP for the development of enterprise applications.

Google has also recently strengthened its container offering by announcing the general availability of Cloud Container Builder and has boosted GCP’s encryption capabilities with a new tool called the ‘Google Cloud Key Management Service.’

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