Dropbox Unveils Revamped Website To Boost Team Conversations And Collaboration

Dropbox website

New features include simpler navigation, improved search capabilities and greater control for admins

Dropbox has revealed its brand new website after a redesign that aims to place teams at the heart of their files, putting a greater focus on conversations and collaboration.

“When you’re working with others, finding the right file is just the beginning,” the company says in a blog post. “What about all the other work that happens around those files? Sometimes that context and those sharing relationships are just as important as the file itself.

“That’s why we’re excited to roll out our new redesigned website to all users today. Dropbox.com is designed to bring your files to life with team-first functionality—so it’s not just a place for your files, but for people and conversations, too.”


Dropbox redesign

So, what’s new? Well, simpler navigation has made it easier to share files and Paper documents with others, leave feedback and keep track of edits without any long and confusing email chains.

There’s more information available at a glance, with the introduction of a thumbnail view that lets you see who else is working on the same files as you and improved search capabilities across both files and Paper documents.

Dropbox is also making life easier for admins by giving them greater control within projects. The new admin console, which is “coming soon”, will boasts a cleaner, more streamlined design and feature checkboxes to simplify the way admins manage their teams.

These changes are all part of Dropbox’s work-focused strategy. The company wants to make its business product as easy to use as its consumer version and earlier this year announced multiple updates around this end.

These included Smart Sync, formally known as Project Infinite, which essentially gives business users the impression of infinite capacity by providing control over all files without the need to download them to desktop.

At the same event, co-founder and CEO Drew Houston also announced that Dropbox has become the fastest software-as-a-service (SaaS) firm to pass $1 billion (£800m) in revenue run rate.

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